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Skittles Shake!

Skittles shake (it baby, shake it)! This creamy drink is surprisingly delicious. There are perfectly balanced hints of strawberry, orange, black currant and lemon; but none overpower the other. This is a perfect, on-the-go morning drink - the sports cap is so convenient! You could say this is an entirely different way to taste the rainbow!

Cola Sour Patch Kids

Record scratch. Hold up & pay attention.

 Sour Patch Kids Cola are here. Finally; we know. This European variety of your OG favourite is going to impress you. First of all – cola aroma has been executed flawlessly. It’s bold , with no bitter/artificial after taste, and actually tastes like an old-fashioned cola. Second is the texture. We know what your OG gummy candy feels like, in your cheeks: rubbery, sometimes tough, sometimes delightfully fresh. These? Not even close. These Kids not only taste like a cola, but somehow have the fizzy texture of the cola too. Incredible. Lastly, their little faces are just too adorable to pass up. You probably should order 2, because you wont want to share.

Nerds Gummy Clusters

Nerds Gummy Clusters consist of crunchy mini Nerds around a sweet gummy center. Nerds Clusters offer the Rainbow flavours which includes strawberry, grape, orange, and lemonade. The combination of crunchy Nerds and a gummy center makes it an addicting snack, so be very careful once you open the pack!